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Posted by magicwritings - 1 month ago

Hey, I'm MagicWritings, I draw fetish art and comics. Started earlier this year and am trying to improve my skills. Decided to expand my reach and make a Newgrounds account to post my stuff. I don't know if many people are interested, but it'll be a good place to archive my art either way. Comments and feedback on my art are always appreciated.


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Heya MagicWritings, and welcome to the Grounds! All types of people roam around these parts so: most probably. :) Curious if you're planning to try your hand at pretty much everything, or a particular fetish niche?

Hey Cyberdevil, I appreciate you commenting here and on my work as well. :) Thank you.

As for fetishes, my art right now is really focused on expressing my own interests. There are many things I want to try, but it probably won't stray very far from expansion with some transformations and mind alterations on the side. Was there anything you had hoped to see in particular?

Sounds good! I do like what you're working with so far, so best not suggest any of the more extreme varieties an all too large consumption of Internet material seems to have brought me. :) Any kind of expansion-related insertions though, maybe that's just natural progression at some point... looking forward to see where this goes! Totally fine if you stick to aforementioned ones.

Thanks! I'm still unsure on how "explicit" or extreme I want my work to be. Insertions push it pretty far, pun intended, and I tend to prefer more implying than actual showing when it comes to genitals. We'll just see how things develop further for now. But I do really appreciate your support. With some luck I'll release the voiced version of the dragon transformation soon, I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts on that one.

Hehe, understandable, yupp. Will be fun to follow regardless, and looking forward to that!